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We help you search for the most popular cosmetic surgeons in Visakhapatnam. Our surgeons specialize in the enhancement procedures of the breast, face, and body. They hold years of experience in performing several reconstructive surgeries and have helped patients to restore their appearance after accidents, burns, and deformities. Our experts are skilled at carrying out Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Gynecomastia, Breast Augmentation, and Tummy Tuck among others. Owing to their adept expertise, the patients have been approaching them from India as well as overseas countries.

Do you want to get rid of excess skin accumulated on your breasts to avoid that sagging appearance? A Breast Lift is a preferred surgery option in Visakhapatnam to remedy your situation. Our experienced plastic surgeons can help you get an appealing Breast Lift by removing the unwanted skin and reshaping the breast tissue. Also termed Mastopexy, females prefer opting for this surgery after delivery to avoid experiencing droopy breasts.

Why Are Our Surgeons the Best for a Breast Lift in Visakhapatnam?

  • Renowned plastic surgeons in Visakhapatnam for Breast Lift
  • Experienced in delivering thriving results in the form of firmer and contoured breasts
  • Take care of the right nipple position and reduced areola size during the surgery
  • Instil confidence among women with Breast Lift surgeries
  • Cost-effective Breast Lift surgeons in Visakhapatnam

COST OF breast lift SURGERY IN Visakhapatnam

The estimated cost of Breast Lift surgery relies on the type of Breast Lift procedure used, accreditation, surgical facilities utilised, and the surgeon’s experience. The cost of this surgery also includes the charges for administering anesthesia, prescribed medication, medical tests, surgical facility, post-surgery garments, and more. Interacting with any of our Breast Lift surgeons will give you a better idea about the involved cost.


Our Breast Lift surgeons hold high credibility in performing successful procedures, thereby rebuilding confidence among the patients. Whether you are opting for a primary Breast Lift or a revision Breast Lift, our surgeons will provide you with all the requisite facilities necessary for the procedure. Their advanced medical equipment, facilities, and cordial nursing staff will make you feel comfortable during the surgery. Feel free to contact any of our expert Breast Lift surgeons in Visakhapatnam to give an effective lift to your sagging breasts.

FAQs on Breast Lift Surgery in Visakhapatnam

1. Are you a good candidate for Breast Lift surgery?

To be an ideal candidate for Breast Lift surgery in Visakhapatnam, you would need to fulfil the following pointers:

  • Sagging breasts because of pregnancy, breastfeeding, ageing, or weight change
  • Good overall health with a consistent body weight
  • Nipples and areolas pointing downwards
  • Flat, pendulous, and elongated breasts
  • Stretched skin with enlarged areolas
  • Non-smoker and non-alcoholic
  • Realistic goals regarding the surgery
  • Sagging breasts are affecting your professional life, especially if you are into acting or modelling
2. What is the cost of a Breast Lift surgery?

The cost of Breast Lift surgery in Visakhapatnam will fall somewhere between 1,50,000 INR to 2,0,000 INR. Additional procedures like Breast Implants will add up to your expenditure accordingly. Feel free to consult any of our experienced surgeons to get detailed info on the involved cost.

3. What are the risks related to Breast Lifts?

There can be several risks associated with Breast Lift surgery in Visakhapatnam on rare occasions.

  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia
  • Possibility of Hematoma that leads to clotting of a pool of blood in the incision area
  • Chances of infection at the surgical site
  • Excessive bleeding due to the intake of anti-inflammatory medicines before the surgery
  • Asymmetrical breasts with uneven shape and irregular contour
  • Temporary or permanent change in sensation in the breast or
  • Deep vein thrombosis complications
  • Cardiac and pulmonary complications
  • Fat necrosis or dead fatty tissue found deep inside the skin
  • Delayed healing because of poorly treated incisions
  • Revision Breast Lift surgery
4. When can you go for Breast Lift?

Having completely developed breasts is one of the primary conditions to go for a Breast Lift surgery. You can be a teenager, in your 20s, or maybe older. But if you satisfy this one condition, you can opt for the surgery without hassles. Women often consider this procedure in Visakhapatnam due to improve their breast size that has become badly shaped due to pregnancy-related issues, weight changes, or genetic reasons,

5. What are the things to do before Breast Lift Surgery?

The points below can prove helpful to consider before going for the Breast Lift surgery in Visakhapatnam:

  • Follow the instructions of your surgeon to undergo medical evaluation or lab testing.
  • Inform your surgeon about any medications you are taking to help him make proper adjustments accordingly
  • A baseline mammogram before and after the surgery can help to detect any changes in breast tissue
  • Refrain from taking supplements, anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, or any other medication that could increase bleeding
  • Avoid consuming alcohol or tobacco products for at least 2-3 weeks prior to the surgery
  • Discuss any concerns you may have about the procedure, expected outcomes, and recovery period with your surgeon.
  • Make sure to maintain realistic expectations regarding the surgery results
6. What to expect on the day of Breast Lift surgery?
  • You should have a positive attitude with a relaxed mind on the day of surgery in Visakhapatnam
  • Depending on the associated complications, the surgeon may around 1 to 2 hours to complete the surgery
  • To prevent swelling and fluid build-up, the surgeon may leave a small tube near the incision site. This tube will be removed a few days after the surgery.
  • You may go home on the same day of your Mastopexy procedure if there is no severe problem
  • You may experience some discomfort around the incision area during or after the surgery.
  • Temporary symptoms such as tightness, bruising, or swelling are likely to occur.
  • You can expect your breast tissues to be reshaped and repositioned after the completion of the Breast Lift surgery in Visakhapatnam,