Best Breast Lift Surgeon in Bhubaneswar

Dr. Akshay Rout – The Most Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon in Bhubaneswar

Do you want to get rid of excess skin accumulated on your breast to avoid that sagging appearance? Breast lift is a preferred surgery option in Bhubaneswar to remedy your situation. Our experienced plastic surgeon can help you get an appealing breast lift by removing the unwanted skin and reshaping the breast tissue. Also termed as Mastopexy, females prefer opting for this surgery after delivery, to avoid experiencing droopy breasts.

Why Dr. Akshay Rout is the best for Breast Lift in Bhubaneswar?

  • One of the renowned plastic surgeons in Bhubaneswar for breast lift
  • Experienced in delivering thriving results in the form of firmer and contoured breasts
  • Takes care of the right nipple position and reduced areola size during the surgery
  • Instills confidence among women with breast lift surgeries
  • Most cost-effective breast lift surgeon in Bhubaneswar

Cost of Breast Lift in Bhubaneswar

The estimated cost of breast lift surgery relies on the type of breast lift procedure used, of accreditation, location of the procedure, surgical facilities utilized, and the surgeon’s experience. The cost of this surgery may also subsume the charges for administering anesthesia, prescribed medication, medical tests, surgical facility, post-surgery garments and so on. Interacting with our breast lift surgeon directly will give you a better idea about the involved cost.

Our Services

Our breast lift surgeon holds high credibility in performing successful procedures, thereby leaving the patients full with confidence and smile. Whether you are opting for primary breast lift or revision breast lift, we provide you with all the requisite facilities necessary for the procedure. Our advanced medical equipment, medical facilities and cordial nursing staff will make you feel at ease during and after the surgery. Feel free to contact our expert breast lift surgeon in Bhubaneswar to give an effective lift to your sagging breasts.

Do you wish to appear beautiful like never before?

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