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Hair transplant is one of the most successful remedies to curb hair fall, alopecia, thinning hair or baldness. Various procedures, such as FUE and FUT are prevalent for this purpose. While FUT involves extraction of a hair strip from the donor site to the recipient site, FUE requires our hair transplant professional to excuse individual follicular units from the donor zone on the scalp to transplant on the region of hair loss. Feel free to connect our expert hair transplant surgeon in Bhubaneswar to know more about the treatment or to undergo a preferred surgery.

Why Choose Dr. Akshay Rout for Hair Transplant in Bhubaneswar?

  • Expert plastic surgeon endorsed with high-end qualification and credible experience
  • Can perform hair transplant surgery with long lasting results
  • Board certified and trained surgeon
  • Member of several reputed plastic surgery associations in India and abroad

Cost of Hair Transplant in Bhubaneswar

The hair transplant cost in Bhubaneswar depends significantly on the requirement and grade of hair graft grade and the size of head affected with hair loss or baldness. Additionally, the decision to opt for FUT or FUE technique, the selection of hair transplant surgeon, geographic location of the clinic and the number of hair transplant sessions suitable for the surgery also contribute toward deciding the cost of treatment. Getting in touch with our experienced hair transplant surgeon in Bhubaneswar will help know about the ingrained costs the better way.

Our Services

We provide world class amenities to our hair transplant candidates. With an expert surgeon performing the treatment with the help of a well trained and cordial nursing staff, you just cannot ask for more. Moreover, we have the industry best equipment to perform the surgery in our advanced and highly equipped surgery room. You can leave our clinic in Bhubaneswar with due satisfaction after going through repeated sessions of hair transplant surgery. Contact our expert surgeon today to know more about your hair restoration prospects.

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