Botox Treatment – Smoothening out your Wrinkles


Botox is the common non-surgical procedure done by plastic surgeons. It is also the commonest form of treatment to treat facial wrinkles. It is also sometimes used to treat acute migraines, eye spasms and neck spasms.
It can almost instantaneously remove facial wrinkles of the upper half and can be combined with other treatments like fillers, chemical peels, dermabrasion or laser therapy to combat signs of aging.

How Does a Botox Injection Work?

Botox is the short form for Botulinum Toxin A, derived from a bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum. This bacterium is found in the soil and is kept under controlled laboratory conditions to produce the purified forms of Botox, Dysport and Xeomin when used, the first being the most popular brand.

Botulinum Toxin BOTOX
Our face develops wrinkles when we smile, frown or look angry, which causes our facial muscles to furrow between the eyebrows and in the forehead along naturally occurring muscle contraction creases. During all our facial expressions, our brain sends electrical cues to the muscles of the face. As a result, the muscles contract in a synchronous manner depending upon which expression they need to reproduce on our face.
Botox releases a chemical that blocks the electrical signals from the brain to reach the muscles. This further ensures that the muscles don’t contract and therefore, there are no facial wrinkles.
Botox for Migraines
For those suffering from migraines, the Botox injection can help to stop the pain from certain muscles. Several studies have found that Botox helps patients with severe headache and migraine by stopping the chemicals that carry the pain signals from the brain.
Botox for Sweating
Botox can also treat the patients suffering from profuse sweating. The treatment stops the sweat glands from receiving instructions from the brain to sweat, thereby causing that part of the body to stop sweating. For this procedure, Botox has to be selectively injected in the location of the sweat glands.
Botox for Spasms
Based on the same principle, a Botox injection can help those with eye spasms and neck spasms. This toxin will stop the electrical signals from the brain to the muscles in the neck or the eye, which was previously instructing the muscles to go into spasms. This can temporarily stop the spasmodic reaction giving tremendous relief to the patient.

Consultation for Botox

Though Botox is a non-invasive procedure and is vastly less complicated than the other cosmetic surgeries, it is essential to get injected by a trained plastic surgeon who can handle complications if they occur.

Choosing the Right Surgeon for Botox

Many think that Botox is just an injection and almost anyone can inject it, but it is a myth. In fact, the human face has 43 muscles in the face so one has to identify the right muscle and inject it correctly and in the right plane; else, it may produce unwanted side effects of Botox.
Many spas and beauty centers have started Botox treatments and some have even started organizing camps for Botox treatment. Botox parties are commonly being hosted within a circle of friends for lowering cost of treatment by mass injections. It is better to avoid such places for Botox injections and prefer only an authorized accredited plastic surgeon clinics/facilities which are sterile and safety of injection can be ensured.

Find a Plastic Surgeon in Your Area

Side effects of Botox when done in wrong hands/ unqualified surgeons

Since Botox is a simple treatment, many unqualified doctors have started it at their facility. If you do not pick the right person, then you are prone to:
• Facial weakness
• Assymetrical corrections
• Bruising at the site of the injection
• Drooping skin
• Headache
• Ptosis
To get the best and safe results, inquire about the surgeon and ask for the qualifications before you get ready for the Botox injection.
During the initial consultation with the surgeon, be clear about the results you expect. It would be best to ask for a natural look that gets rid of just the wrinkles. Make sure to let the surgeon know about any previous surgeries you have had.


You should stop any self-medication you are taking like aspirin and ibuprofen, as these are blood-thinning medicines, which could cause bleeding. If you are taking any other medications, inform your surgeon.
It is helpful if you minimize your sun exposure before and after the Botox injections. If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, then it is wise to consult the surgeon before you go for Botox treatment.

What Can You Expect During a Botox Injection?

During a Botox treatment, the surgeon injects a few injections with a micro needle. You may feel a little pain or a stinging reaction at the point of the injection, which will soon go away. Generally, the surgeon does not administer any anesthesia but if you are extremely sensitive to pain, then the surgeon may advise anesthetic cream or even intravenous anesthesia.
The entire duration of the Botox treatment does not take more than twenty minutes. You can start seeing the results of the injection from a few hours to within three days.

What Can You Expect After a Botox Injection?

There is no downtime or recovery process for Botox treatment. You can return to your normal life immediately. All you need is to make sure not to rub or apply any cosmetic product over the treated area for the next 24 hours.
The effects of the Botox start to reduce after three months and therefore, you need to go for follow-up injections to maintain the effect.


Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Kulwant S Bhangoo, Plastic Surgeon


The information is being provided by and have no intention to replace the medical advice of your doctor. Please consult your doctor directly for advice about a specific medical condition. This document was last reviewed by Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Plastic Surgeon on: 20-JUN-2020
Dr. Tejinder Bhatti is a cosmetic plastic surgeon by training but now completely dedicated to the art and science of minimally invasive hair restoration surgery. He also runs a hospital, the Five Rivers Hospital in Mohali, Chandigarh where junior plastic surgeons perform esthetic plastic surgery under the overall supervision of Dr. Kulwant S Bhangoo who is the Chairman of the Program. Dr. Bhangoo is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. He is an internationally renowned top cosmetic surgeon and chief of Plastic Surgery in Buffalo NY, USA.”

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