Laser Hair Removal for permanent hair loss

For those whose aren’t satisfied with the usual forms of hair removal like shaving, threading or waxing, laser hair removal technique is the next go-to choice. This is a non-invasive technique, which can remove the hair from its follicles all over the body including the underarms and the bikini area. Evidently, it helps in attaining a smooth, hair-free skin.

How Does This Work?

• Highly concentrated laser light is used to target the hair follicles without damaging the skin.
• The pigments in the hair absorb this laser light and regular exposure to the laser will inhibit hair growth.
• Several sessions may be required to deter the hair growth and for some, after five to seven sessions, the hair can be removed permanently.
Laser hair removal technique doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal and may require further sessions once the hair starts growing back. As compared to the other forms of hair removal techniques, the effects of the laser treatment last much longer.

Getting Yourself Ready for Laser Hair Removal

Choosing the Facility and Technician
Many surgeons as well as beauty salons perform the procedure of laser hair removal. It is best to choose a person with high expertise and a place where they follow all the safety precautions strictly. Checking out the credentials of the place before you choose is equally important.
There are a few restrictions with laser hair removal.
• Skin with tattoos: In the areas of the skin where you have tattoos, the use of laser to remove the hair is not advisable.
Breastfeeding or pregnant women: Though there is no conclusive research, it is better not to go for laser hair removal when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Skin problems: If you are prone to any of the skin allergies, it is better to consult a specialist and get recommendations before you go for laser hair removal.
Getting Prepped
Once you have decided on the place, you will have to follow certain procedures to get your hair and skin ready for the laser hair removal treatment.
• Avoid sun exposure for up to two weeks before the date of the laser treatment.
• Do not shave, wax or use any hair removal creams for about four to six weeks.
• Do not use any fake tan on the areas where you need to remove the hair by laser.
• If you have previously used fake tan, wait until the residue of the tan fades off.
• Do not use any creams, moisturizers or perfumes on the areas of hair removal on the day of treatment.
• Avoid any chemical peel treatments. You may use a mild exfoliator to remove the dead cells from the skin a few days before the treatment.
• Do not use any harsh products on the skin for at least a week before the laser hair removal process.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?


At the start of the laser hair removal, the hair may be trimmed a few millimetres. Everyone in the room, including the patient should wear eye protection.
The technician will set the laser equipment according to the color and thickness of the hair, and the sensitivity of the skin from where the hair needs to be removed. A numbing gel is applied to the required areas of hair removal.
The laser light is then concentrated on the required area for a few minutes. Once the process is completed, moisturizer and/or ice packs is applied to ease the discomfort. You can leave the facility soon after the session is completed.
Your next appointment will be scheduled four to six weeks later depending on your hair growth the location of hair removal.

After the Laser Hair Removal Process

The recovery time after the laser treatment is fairly less as most can return to their normal life almost immediately.

Effects after the first session

You may notice some hair falling out after the first session and a general reduction in the number of hair on the laser-treated location. After a few weeks, you may again notice an increase in hair growth. This is because of the different ways in which the hair follicles react to the laser. Once you see the hair fully grown, you can go for the laser treatment again.
After a few sessions, you may see a considerable decrease in the hair density, which will reach zero once the effect of the laser penetrates all the hair follicles.
In case if you feel redness, swelling or get blisters, it is best to contact a doctor immediately and continue the laser treatment after the doctor’s approval.

Maintenance after Laser Hair Removal

Your skin may look a little sunburned after the process. Using ice packs and moisturizers will help soothe the treated area. Try to avoid going out in the sun as much as you can and use high SPF sunscreen while you are outside.
To sum up, some consider laser hair removal as a permanent way to remove hair. Still, for many others, this treatment promises long-term results. It is generally advisable to go for a touch-up treatment once a year to maintain the effects.


Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Kulwant S Bhangoo, Plastic Surgeon


The information is being provided by and have no intention to replace the medical advice of your doctor. Please consult your doctor directly for advice about a specific medical condition. This document was last reviewed by Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Plastic Surgeon on: 20-JUN-2020
Dr. Tejinder Bhatti is a cosmetic plastic surgeon by training but now completely dedicated to the art and science of minimally invasive hair restoration surgery. He also runs a hospital, the Five Rivers Hospital in Mohali, Chandigarh where junior plastic surgeons perform esthetic plastic surgery under the overall supervision of Dr. Kulwant S Bhangoo who is the Chairman of the Program. Dr. Bhangoo is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. He is an internationally renowned top cosmetic surgeon and chief of Plastic Surgery in Buffalo NY, USA.”

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