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The term vaginal rejuvenation covers a plethora of procedures and is at times also referred to as female genital cosmetic surgery, designer vagina surgery or vulvovaginal plastic surgery. The natural process of giving birth stretches the tissues and muscles of the vagina, labia and the vulva. This and other similar changes due to ageing or perhaps a fluctuation in weight can often have an unfavorable impact on sexual intimacy. This subsumes soreness during sex or at times decreased sensation. In addition, a few women also suffer extreme pain during horse riding, riding bikes or any kind of high-impact activity.
Vaginal rejuvenation aids in enhancing the function and size of the female genitalia, which in turn reduces the pain as well. There are different procedures that can be included in this:
Labiaplasty: Reshaping the Labia
• Vaginoplasty: Tightening the vagina
• Vulvoplasty: Reshaping the vulva
• Clitoral hood reduction: Reducing the area and size of clitoral hood
• Monsplasty: To reduce the bulging of mons; a location in the women’s reproductive system
• Labia majoraplasty: Minimizing the outer par of hairy labia majora

Vaginal Rejuvenation - Before & After

Are you an Ideal Candidate for the Procedure?

An Ideal candidate for vaginal rejuvenation would be someone who:
• Experiences pain or soreness during exercise or sexual activity
• Wishes to enhance the appearance or contour of her genitals
• Experiences significantly less sensation during intercourse after childbirth
• Feels that the contours of the genitals have stretched out or become lax
Intended Results of Vaginal Rejuvenation
• Helps in enhancing the appearance of the labia which can boost the self-confidence of a woman and help her feel comfortable
• Helps the woman feel more at ease with her body during exercising and intercourse
Vaginoplasty aids in tightening the vagina in order to restoring its state as it was before childbirth
• Improving a woman’s self-perception which can upgrade her quality of life

Preparations for Vaginoplasty surgery

You would need to abide by many things in the time leading up to the surgery. Ideally, your doctor would give you all the instructions before the surgery, which includes guidelines on drinking, eating and consuming or avoiding vitamins and medications. In addition,
• It is important that you quit smoking and tobacco at least four to six weeks prior to the surgery.
• Hair removal becomes a necessity in certain regions in the perineum before the procedure.
• Few people might also have to undergo electrolysis or laser treatment for permanent hair removal that can require a few sessions.
• In case, you have an ongoing hormonal therapy, you should stop it at least three weeks before the surgery in order to impede blood clots.
• You can restart it a week or two after the procedure.
• A day before the vaginal rejuvenation surgery, the surgeon would recommend you for bowel prep to clean the colon of stool.

vaginal rejuvenation surgery

Here is a quick look at the process of vaginal rejuvenation:
• The surgeon determines the amount of vaginal tightening.
• Next, he marks a wedge to trace the extra skin that needs removal from the vagina.
• The expert uses secure sutures to tighten the tissues present beneath the skin.
• He then closes the mucosal skin after securing the vaginal canal.
• In case any extra skin is protruding, it is possible to reduce it for ensuring an aesthetic result.

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Recovery Process

• As a patient, you can feel swelling, soreness, sickness or bruising with changes in sensation immediately after the surgery.
• You would have a temporary catheter placed for nearly 5 days along with vaginal packing.
• You might also have a week or two of downtime and can feel an aching sensation for the first few days after the surgery.
• As a precautionary measure, you must ensure not to have intercourse and that there is no usage of tampon for about eight weeks.
• Few patients may also have to use dilators depending on the total amount of tightening performed.

Pros of Vaginal Rejuvenation

• Enhanced Sexual Gratification: The procedure would aid in tightening the vagina, which in turn enhances the stimulation and hence greater sexual gratification.
Prevents Premature Urination: Many women tend to face premature urination issue after childbirth. This problem can affect ageing women as well. With tighter vaginal muscles, women would be able to prevent small leaks.
Enhanced Appearance of the Vagina: In some women, the vagina’s soft tissue is so slack that it ends up protruding out in the labia. Vaginoplasty can aid in getting rid of excess skin thereby giving the patient an aesthetically pleasing vagina.


Women often prefer going for vaginal rejuvenation in order to ensure increased sexual gratification, avoid premature urination, etc. They may also opt for this treatment in order to enhance the appearance of their vagina. Notably, vaginal rejuvenation is a safe procedure if you are an ideal candidate and have chosen a professional and experienced doctor for the same. An expert surgeon can better understand the suitability of the procedure and the potential risks involved for an individual. Communicate with your doctor regarding the results that you expect and you are sure to have a positive result.


Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Kulwant S Bhangoo, Plastic Surgeon


The information is being provided by and have no intention to replace the medical advice of your doctor. Please consult your doctor directly for advice about a specific medical condition. This document was last reviewed by Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Plastic Surgeon on: 20-JUN-2020
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