Labiaplasty is a type of vaginal rejuvenation that reduces the size of the labia minora, which is the inner tissues of the female genitalia. It’s a surgical procedure that aims to relieve the discomfort felt by women due to the longer or thicker labia minora.

Some women feel tugging and twisting due to the labia minora and some may even feel pain when cycling or performing strenuous tasks. Labiaplasty addresses all such issues with labia minora and ensures that it’s symmetrical with labia majora, which is the outer part of the female genitalia.


There are several reasons for the labia minora to increase in size. It can be due to childbirth, genetics, ageing or involvement in certain sexual activities. Women who suffer from an enlarged labia will issue like:

  • Discomfort when wearing tight clothes like swimming suits, yoga pants or stretched shorts.
  • Difficulty in exercises that require stretching the vaginal area.
  • Urinary tract infection.
  • Uncomfortable feeling in sexual activities.
  • Difficulty in maintaining hygiene.
  • Feeling self-conscious when indulging in sexual activities.

In general most women also opt for labiaplasty as vaginal rejuvenation because they aren’t happy with the way their labia looks.

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After the surgeon discusses your expectations and analyzing your condition, you will choose a date for the surgery. On the said date, the surgeon conducts outpatient surgery that takes no more than an hour.


The surgeon may administer local or general anesthesia to ensure that your labia minora and labia majora are entirely relaxed. Once the effect of the anesthesia sets in, the surgeon begins the procedure.


Previously, there was one common procedure for labiaplasty. Over time, the techniques evolved and some successful new modified techniques provide better results. Let’s see some of the popular labiaplasty procedures that plastic surgeons use.

Trim Labiaplasty

It’s a simple procedure that’s used for a long time. The surgeon removes excess part of the labia minora to ensure that it doesn’t protrude out of the labia majora. The surgeon will then suture the operated area.

Wedge Labiaplasty

This was a recently evolved technique to make the labia minora look natural after the surgery. The surgeon will cut a portion from the thickest part of the labia minora without removing the tissue beneath the mucous membrane. This way, the labia will look natural with its wrinkles and wouldn’t look like you went through a procedure.

These are just a few popular techniques. There are several other techniques that surgeons use depending on the desired outcome.

After completing the surgery, the surgeon may keep you under observation for sometime before discharging you.


It’s generally advised to take a week’s rest after labiaplasty. You will experience swelling and pain initially and it’s essential to take proper care of the genitalia.

  • You can keep ice packs on the operated area at regular intervals to reduce the swelling and ease the discomfort.
  • You can lie down and keep your bottom portion elevated to minimize the swelling.
  • You shouldn’t take long showers that could make your labia minora sensitive.
  • You should take care about keeping the vaginal area dry and clean.
  • You shouldn’t wear tight-fitted clothes without the permission of the surgeon.
  • You shouldn’t indulge in any strenuous physical activities that could harm your labia minora for at least four to six weeks. Please consult with the respective surgeon before making any such decisions.
  • You cannot indulge in any sexual activities for the first four weeks.

Since vagina is a sensitive area, it’s vital to take extreme care of the operated region. Not following any of the above precautions could lead to a delay in the healing process.


Though the surgery is in a tiny area, it’s a very delicate and intricate surgery. Some women may want to reduce the labia minora to a great extent that could lead to chronic dryness, scarring or pain during sexual intercourse.

If the surgery isn’t performed correctly, it can result in bleeding, infection or problems with the blood vessels connected to labia minora.


When women feel discomfort due to the enlarged labia minora, labiaplasty is the best procedure to make them feel comfortable. If performed under proper conditions by a trained and experienced plastic surgeon, labiaplasty will yield the expected results.

Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Kulwant S Bhangoo, Plastic Surgeon

The information is being provided by and have no intention to replace the medical advice of your doctor. Please consult your doctor directly for advice about a specific medical condition. This document was last reviewed by Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Plastic Surgeon on: 20-JUN-2020