Male Plastic Surgery for Men – Can It Really Enhance Your Appearance?

The modern day society gives high importance to a youthful, pleasing and fit look even at the workplace. This is the reason why plastic surgery is one of the most sought after procedures by men and women alike. Men are increasingly opting for cosmetic plastic surgery to improve their looks more than ever. You might want to achieve a younger and rejuvenated face, a perfectly shaped nose or perhaps a trimmer waistline. In any such case, consultation with a cosmetologist would be ideal. He will provide detailed information about a particular procedure you are planning to undergo.

Male Plastic Surgery for Men

While explaining all the steps involved in the procedure, your doctor would also address several issues that can influence the surgery. For instance, in case of male plastic surgery for face, the cosmetologist would evaluate the head-neck-face region. He will take into account factors like receding hairline, facial scars, sideburns, sun-damaged skin or drooping skin.

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Types of Plastic Surgery Opted by Men

Mentioned here are the most popular types of plastic surgery opted by men to enhance their appearance:
Male breast reduction
• Nose or ear surgery
• Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty
Facelift and neck lift
Tummy tuck
Chin augmentation
Brow lift
• Fat transfer and more

Are you an ideal candidate for the Procedure?

You could opt for male-specific procedures if you qualify this checklist for suitability for male cosmetic plastic surgery:
1. Must be in satisfactory overall general health
Before you undergo the procedure, it is essential to ensure that you are a healthy candidate. If you have chronic conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes, you should first approach a general physician to stabilize your condition.
2. Must be a non-smoker
Apart from being very bad for your health, smoking can complicate both the procedure and the recovery time for male-specific cosmetic surgery. If you smoke, it would be best to quit it, at least for four weeks prior to the surgery and a month after the procedure.
3. Must have realistic expectations for the procedure
Plastic surgery can undoubtedly produce exceptional results but it is crucial that you have realistic expectations about the same so that you won’t get disappointed later. This is the reason why doctors spend a lot of time during the consultation in explaining patients the expected results based on their goals.
4. Must be in good Psychological Health
An experienced doctor in this field would always screen his patients to ensure that they have a good psychological health before going ahead with the procedure. Plastic surgery would enhance your appearance but if you are hoping that it would solve all your troubles in life, this might not be the right time to opt for the surgery.

Is Plastic Surgery Safe?

Plastic Surgery for Men

People can often feel apprehensive regarding their safety when undergoing surgery of any kind. Even though plastic surgery is quite safe , no medical procedure realistically is without risk. This stands true for most surgeries and there is a downtime for recovery as well. However, with plastic surgery for men, it is possible to reduce the risks by disclosing the entire medical history to the surgeon before the surgery. This includes all the medication that the patient is currently taking, surgeries in the past, existing and past health conditions, etc. Also, make sure that you have done your own research before choosing a doctor for your surgery. A combination of all these aspects would ensure a safer plastic surgery with the desired results.

What are the Advantages of Plastic Surgery?

Mentioned here are a few advantages of male-specific considerations:
1. Improved Self-Confidence
When you look good, you are bound to feel good about yourself. For most people, an improved appearance boosts self-confidence. This further indicates that your willingness to try new things in life would also increase appreciably.
2. Enhanced Physical Health
Few plastic surgery procedures can improve your appearance as well as your health. For instance, Rhinoplasty improves the shape of the nose can also help some people to breath better.
3. Easier to Remain Fit
For people who have had a tummy tuck or liposuction, the urge to stay fit is higher. They find it easier to keep the extra weight off while also motivating people to maintain a healthy diet.
4. Enhanced Mental Health
Some people might also see a positive change with their mental health after the procedure. Plastic surgery can give people the confidence to enjoy a greater control over their life. They would be more willing to take up new challenges in life and see a considerable reduction in social anxiety.


Male-specific procedures can help men in numerous ways with in enhancing their appearance. It is, however, important to ensure that you are the ideal candidate for the procedure. Hoping for unrealistic expectations would only lead to disappointment with the result.
It is best to consult a licensed and experienced doctor who would guide you in the right direction and let you know all about the benefits and risks related to men and plastic surgery. If done through skilled surgeons and by taking all the requisite precautions, plastic surgery can indeed enhance the appearance of males significantly.

The information is being provided by and have no intention to replace the medical advice of your doctor. Please consult your doctor directly for advice about a specific medical condition. This document was last reviewed by Dr. Ashish-Davalbhakta, Plastic Surgeon on: 12-JUN-2020